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Mosaic Property Services Overwhelmed by day to day operations? Tired of your property feeling like one of thousands and not the most important? Unresponsive management leaving your needs unmet? At Mosaic Services, our number one client is you!
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Company Description

Hiring a community management company can be the difference in success or failure in many communities. Day to day operations for a volunteer board of directors can become overwhelming. Constantly changing Florida statutes can leave communities in the dark. Keeping up with bills, collections, violations, and vendors can be more than the average person has time for. Homeowners want to know their community meets their expectations, and a management company can address problems in a timely, efficient, and professional manner.

Your home is your most valuable asset. Are you putting it in the hands of a professional? As board member or a volunteer, you are bound to fiduciary duties that have a substantial impact on your community. It is important to have professional and qualified guidance on issues such as reserves, maintenance, insurance, budgets, governance, contracts, the law, and rules enforcement. The CMCA program is the only international certification program designed exclusively for condominium, cooperative, and homeowner association managers. The CMCA certification recognizes professionals who have demonstrated the fundamental knowledge needed to manage community associations. Why risk hiring an unqualified company?

Quick Facts

  • In business under this name: 9 years
  • Company size: 20 to 50 employees (full time)
  • We manage the following property types:
    • Homeowners Association (2-49 units)
    • Homeowners Association (50-99 units)
    • Homeowners Association (over 100 units)
    • Condominium Association (2-49 units)
    • Condominium Association (50-99 units)
    • Condominium Association (over 100 units)
    • Mobile Home Community ()
    • Hotel or Resort ()
  • We manage properties in: