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Read our guide to hiring a property manager. It covers things like:

  • What a management firm can do for you
  • What to look for in a property manager
  • Understanding the management fees
  • What questions to ask during the interview
  • Breaking down the management contract

Search our comprehensive directory of commercial and residential property management companies to find detailed company history and information about the management firms in your area. Our site contains thousands of association, commercial and rental property management companies that handle:

  • Single family homes or condos
  • Homeowners association
  • Condominium association
  • Multi-family (Apartments, etc.)
  • Mobile Home community
  • Office and retail space
  • Warehousing & Manufacturing
  • Vacation rental

Many experienced investors swear by their management firms and consider them equally if not more valuable then the properties they manage. To know that your assets are not just being overseen, but actively managed to increase their value over time gives you the kind of peace of mind many investors find essential. Here are some of the benefits of a professional property management company:

  • Maximize rents & shorten vacancies
  • Avoid dealing with tenant disputes
  • Higher quality tenants that rent longer
  • Fewer legal disputes with tenants
  • Tighter rent collection process
  • A tighter rent collection process
  • Reduce the time and hassle of taxes
  • Lower maintenance and repair costs
  • Increase the value of your investment
  • Preferred rates with trusted vendors

Here's a list of common property management services. Keep in mind every company is different, but this list should give you a general idea of what services most property management companies provide:

Residential & Commercial Management

  • Rental Rate studies to determine rent
  • Advertising and showing vacancies
  • Interviewing & screening tenants
  • Drafting, negotiating & executing leases
  • Collecting rent (Current & delinquent)
  • Sending notices & performing evictions
  • Routine internal & external inspections
  • Accounting and reporting services
  • Overseeing repairs and maintenance
  • Real estate investment reports & advice

Community Association (HOA, Condo, Co-op)

  • Accounting Services
  • Performing Reserve studies
  • Managing and paying trusted vendors
  • Monitoring deed restriction violations
  • Attending board meetings
  • Mailing out dues coupons
  • Managing the upkeep of common areas
  • Newsletter Creation and distribution
  • Creating and maintaining a website

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