Growth Properties Hospitality Management

Growth Properties Hospitality Management We are a professional Hotel, Condo-Hotel and Condominium Association Rental Program management company with more than 30 years of experience with an active, hands on approach to management.
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Company Description

Growth Properties offers a variety of management services for Hotels, Condo Hotels and Condo Rental Programs.


Growth Properties implements and carefully monitors meaningful cost controls. Payroll is analyzed, energy costs are continually reevaluated, preventive maintenance programs are established, and an extensive standard operating procedures manual is utilized.

  • Formal regular operations reviews

  • Physical Plant Management

  • Property cleanliness and safety measures

  • Staff service audits and training

  • Energy cost controls

Sales & Marketing

Skillful positioning is the key to enjoying an enhanced sales effort in the hotel and hospitality industry. Growth Properties implements a strategic plan to show measurable growth of new and repeat business. Employees at all levels are motivated to assist in the marketing efforts.


  • Proven sales & marketing plans

  • Social Media

  • Rate and yield management

  • Thorough competitive analysis

  • Procedures to track sales force productivity

  • Tools to prospect for new business

  • Website and internet marketing

  • Sales reporting and analysis

 Accounting and Financial

Growth Properties provides centralized accounting services for our clients, resulting in lower administrative payroll costs to the hotel as well as more accurate and timely reporting of financial information. The central accounting office will closely monitor daily accounting reports, supervise payroll processing, prepare monthly bank reconciliation’s, file sales and use tax returns, pay invoice and manage property cash.  In addition, Growth Properties will produce timely, concise profit and loss statements with appropriate general ledger details.   

Human Resources 

Keeping this department “human” with our hands-on approach enhances profitability and makes the most of the workforce.  Growth Properties offers pervasive human resources management services such as:


  • Policy development, implementation and enforcement

  • Competitive benefits package development, purchasing and administration

  • Personnel law compliance administration (i.e. ADA, OSHA, COBRA)

  • Unemployment cost control

  • Labor relations

  • Risk management 

  • Property & liability insurance administration

  • Employee relations & Compensation

  • Training & staff development

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