Sharpe Properties Thank you for your interest in Sharpe Properties. We are a full-service real estate company, providing property management, maintenance, and leasing services to all commercial properties; including retail, industrial, warehouse and office locations throughout Miami Dade and Broward Counties.
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Since 1960, Sharpe Properties has provided property management services for commercial properties.  During such time, we have worked hard to not only enhance the values of each property, but to maintain close and longstanding relationships with each of our tenants and vendors.  We continue to develop and innovate programs and practices that help us maintain our high quality  performance and service.  The following key areas contribute to the success of our company: 

Property Performance:

Sharpe Properties continually visits and monitors properties in order to properly evaluate both the functional and aesthetic aspects of each managed property.  Sharpe Properties also retains various experts such as general contractors, roofers, plumbers, and electricians to visit the managed properties when needed, in order to obtain their knowledge and advice.  This allows Sharpe Properties to not only provide new and innovative ways to manage each property, but ensures the quality and consistency at every service level.

Insurance and Risk Analysis:

To protect your assets, proper placement of property, wind, flood, and general liability insurance coverage is important.  Because there are many options and alternatives available to obtain the needed insurance coverage, Sharpe Properties works with insurance agents and brokers to obtain the optimum coverage suitable for the needs of the property owner.

To help assure the proper tenant mix at each of the managed properties, each tenant is required to fill out a tenant application, and authorize Sharpe Properties to check their credit score and history.   Sharpe Properties also reviews the financial stability and future business plans of both prospective and current tenants when needed, in order to better assess the potential success the tenant will have at the managed properties.


Financial and Accounting Services:

To streamline and keep abreast with the performance of each of our properties, we utilize some of the latest technology within the industry.  Our office uses Tenant Pro property management software to deliver accurate and timely accounting and reporting for each property. 

Through relationships with several banking institutions, we can receive notice within 24 hours if a tenant’s deposited check is returned for NSF; and through the use of Remote Deposit Capture banking, we have the ability to rapidly deposit checks and money orders into a specific bank account without having to spend wasted time physically delivering the actual check to the bank.

Internal Checks and Balances:

Sharpe Properties places great emphasis on internal controls and procedures in order to provide separation of accounting duties and transparency to property owners.  While our accounting department is in a centralized location to help eliminate redundancies, the responsibilities for handling accounts payable, accounts receivable, and bank reconciliation responsibilities are always separated amongst our employees.

To improve efficiency and accuracy of the accounting records, all checks are printed electronically, and all non-cash deposits are delivered instantly to the banking institutions electronically via remote deposit capture.  Monthly financial reports, including financial statements, general ledger and all supporting property management and accounts payable subsidiary schedules are available and reviewed  by senior level accounting and property management personnel.

The accounting department at Sharpe Properties closely monitors tenant billings, collection of rent, and invoice payments; while the property management department oversees that financial entries are in accordance with the accounting requirements of ownership.

The above steps allow us to achieve effectiveness and efficiency of management operations and reliability of financial reporting.



As an owner and manager of commercial properties, Sharpe Properties understands that proper marketing is essential.  Sharpe Properties  utilizes the internet, print, and media to reach its target audience.


Our website is search engine optimized in order to attract a high number of clicks and visits by prospective tenants.  The website contains detailed information and numerous photos of each property, enabling the users to take a virtual tour of the property 24 hours a day.  The website allows all current and prospective tenants the ability to email us any questions or concerns about each property, and each question is automatically filtered to the appropriate division of our company to provide a fast response.  In order to reach a wider community base, each and every webpage is also fully translated into Spanish by one click of a button.

Search Engines and Social Media:

To rapidly broadcast information and obtain potential tenants and vendors, Sharpe Properties utilizes various forms of search engines and social media to reach the target audience for its managed properties.

Quick Facts

  • In business under this name: 64 years
  • Company size: 10 to 20 employees (full time)
  • We manage the following property types:
    • Retail (under 9,999 sqft)
    • Retail (10,000 - 125,000 sqft)
    • Warehouse or Distribution (under 125,000 sqft)
  • We manage properties in: