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Archer Crown Key Strategies (ACKS) was developed in response to fill a void in the industry for comprehensive beginning to end services. Recognizing four primary (Key) areas in any property management framework, (ACKS) allocates specific resources and services with the focus on increasing revenue, streamlining cost efficient operations when prudent andmaintaining the home in the most optimum physical condition.

The results of maximizing, directing and managing operational services and resources and the interaction of discreet elements that influences overall performance while mirroring our owner’s individualized goals allows us to enhance the homes we overseethrough all stages of the lifecycle and across all economic times.



The following is a condensed version of the Archer Crown Key Strategies.

1. Management Expertise

Archer Crown offers comprehensive concierge level property management and consultancy with a integrated resource platform, providing homeowners a single-source solution of services. From this platform, our team develops strategies that form the foundation for solid proactive property management. Through the Archer Crown brands, our international network, innovative products and services including high-impact technologies, we are redesigning solutions available that empower owners, investors and occupiers of residential space.

Senior Lead Organization:  Archer Crown, its veteran principals and partners provide over 250 years of combined experience in disciplines of real estate, management, web marketing & media, legal, accounting, renovation and maintenance.

On-Line Owners Portal: Using Microsoft Smart Client Technology, our property management software allow owners a on-line login to view their property performance, payment processing and reporting needs easy and efficiently.      

Resident Screening: Archer Crown's resident screening services includes identify verification, criminal background checks, federal and state civil record searches, rental history, global reports and credit history:   

Resident Guarantee: Should a resident that we place, vacates the home for any reason during the first six months of the tenancy, we will market to a new resident at no additional cost as long as the owner had no involvement or interaction with the resident.


2. Dynamic Marketing  (It's In Our DNA)

 Web Marketing Syndication: We employ a multi-faceted "Go To Market" approach utilizing technologies specifically designed to meet the needs of tenants looking for rental properties. These technologies provide fast, seamless connectivity of our rentals both vacant and in anticipation of vacancy, to 150+/- leading and prominent search engines, directories and online communities.

Classified Advertising Distribution: Archer Crown technologies markets rentals to over 140 newspapers. We further use custom Craigslist flyers that include text, exterior and interior photos, maps, videos and more.

Social Media Integration: Increased exposure of our rental properties is achieved through integration with top social media outlets.  These technologies are designed to generate strong interest and provide extraordinary exposure, value and profitability by providing a global network for our rental homes, which in turn provides exposure to millions of potential residents.

 Advanced Media Technologies: Increased awareness of rentals is achieved through the use of High Dynamic Range (HDR) pictures, floor plans, in-depth text detail, detailed local maps, driving directions and community information.

Proprietary Websites: Through the deployment of our highly optimized (SEO) state-of-the-art and user friendly website, we are able to showcase rental properties and drive more qualified residents to our rental homes. 


3. Asset Preservation

Archer Crown is dedicated to maintaining the asset in the most optimum physical condition. Through constant innovation,  the introduction of process efficiencies and cutting edge technology, our team of dedicated and highly skilled specialists and support personnel, employ best practices to create and maintain the delivery of superior residential services. 

Owner Start-Up:This initial inspection which includes safety, property condition, general appearance and cleanliness   helps to determine the general condition and to establish repair items that are needed for rent ready compliance.

Unit Preparation: After each move-out our maintenance team inspects the property to determine the general condition of the property. Our team will then coordinate, repair, service and refresh the property to pristine rent ready condition.

Preventive, On-going and Emergency (24/7): Our dedicated  maintenance team are skilled and on call for all forms of maintenance issues. Residents can utilize our online service or afterhours hotline to submit emergency maintenance requests. Once the notification is received a work order is generated and repairs are scheduled or emergency assistance is dispatched depending on the repair type.

 Inspections:Utilizing advanced property inspection software, our maintenance team determines the general condition of the property at each inspection cycle using a detailed inspection checklist. 


4. Resident Retention

The cost of turnover whether vacancy (lost rent) or refurbishing the unit is costly. Even short vacancy periods can have  long term impacts on owners monthly revenue. Archer Crown maintains an aggressive resident retention program for all properties we manage.

 Resident Care: Providing a safe, comfortable living environment is part of the solution to good resident retention.Our performance is measured by increased occupancy levels and multiple lease terms, many being up to seven years or longer.

Resident Communication: From first inquiry to move-out, we establish and then maintain open lines of communication. We listen and learn what the issues are and respond immediately, thereby diffusing any discomfort that the resident may have felt.

Lease Administration: Archer Crown's lease administration services cover a broad spectrum of services and applicable laws. The lease administration team works consultatively to stay current with all local, county, state and federal laws. Team members include lease abstract and administration specialists, attorneys, paralegals, CPAs and accountants as well as I.T. professionals. Our licensed and experienced leasing agents are available to schedule showing seven days a week. Their quick response to  leasing inquiries, professional rental showing  and follow-up translates into our properties being renter faster. Archer Crown's technologies further provide lease expiration and renewal at market rates with preparation of proper lease renewal documentation by attorney at law.  


Owner Benefits

  • Competitive Rates 
  • No Hidden Fees - No Advertising Fees - No Surcharge On Maintenance High Customer Satisfaction and Retention 
  • Very Low Eviction and Vacancy Rate 
  • Provide Stable Monthly Income At Highest Levels Market Will Bear 
  • Most Utilities Paid By Resident Residents 
  • Maintain Lawn And Garden 
  • Minimize Legal Liability (Risk Management) 
  • Increased Occupancy/Decreased Vacancy 
  • Decreased Tenant Damage To Property 
  • Reduced Repair Costs 
  • Reduced Overall Expenses 
  • Increased Economic Life Of Asset




Quick Facts

  • Company size: 10 to 20 employees (full time)
  • We manage the following property types:
    • Single Home or Condo (valued under $250k)
    • Single Home or Condo ($250 to $500k)
  • We manage properties in: