Property Management Articles


  1. What Are The Benefits of Using a Property Management Company?
  2. Property Management Fees - Part I
  3. Handling Tenant and Owner Funds
  4. Property Management Services - A Complete List
  5. 11 Questions for Determining if You Need a Property Management Firm
  6. Setting and Collecting Rent
  7. Property Maintenance and Repairs
  8. Tenant Marketing and Retention
  9. Examining the Organization - Background, Qualifications, Portfolio
  10. Responsibilities and Representations
  11. Contract Termination
  12. Property Management Fees - Part II
  13. Property Inspections
  14. Tenant Screening
  15. Examining the Organization - Size, Staff, Customer Service
  16. Indemnification and Boiler Plate Items
  17. Hiring a Property Management Company
  18. Basics of Property Management
  19. How to Select a Property Manager
  20. What to Look for In a Property Management Contract
  21. How to Avoid Bad Tenants
  22. Find and keep good tenants
  23. Maintenance and repairs on rental properties
  24. What kind of financial services to property managers provide?
  25. Out of state property management
  26. Local property management
  27. Why hire a professional property management company?
  28. How to interview a property management company
  29. Do you need a property manager?
  30. How to avoid bad property managers
  31. Why hire a property management firm?
  32. How to choose a property management company
  33. What do property managers do?
  34. Property Management Cost
  35. Property Management Agreement
  36. A Tenant's Guide to Lease Agreements
  37. Land Surveying Units and Resources
  38. Helpful Calculators to Manage Your Home and Property
  39. Property Management Business Center
  40. Property Management Marketing & Advertising
  41. Major Strategies for Time Management
  42. Natural Resources Management for Kids
  43. Property Management and Rental Terms Glossary
  44. Intellectual Property: Manage & Protect
  45. 50 Time Management Tips for Students
  46. The Guide to Property Management
  47. A Renovators Resource: What To Know Before Hiring a General Contractor
  48. A DIY Guide to Winterizing Your Property
  49. The Effects of Pets & Animals On Property Value
  50. Benefits of Using A Property Management Company

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