A Renovators Resource: What To Know Before Hiring a General Contractor

Posted by Jordan Muela in Property Management Articles

Home renovation may sound like a lot of work, but a well-constructed house is worth the time, effort and money. It is extremely important, however, to be sure that the quality of the materials supplied is sufficient and durable and the professionals and workers involved are skillful and dedicated to their respective jobs. Otherwise, the renovation could become disastrous for the homeowner. It is crucial that the previously mentioned details of any renovation are paid great attention. These considerations should include choosing the professionals best suited and most qualified for the construction job. The tips presented in this article are primarily concerned with hiring general contractors.

Here are some of the things you need to know before hiring a contractor and commencing your home renovation project.

Decide on the scope of work to be done.

As a homeowner, you should first decide what area of your home the work will take place in and how much you’re willing to spend on that particular project. These two factors will determine who you will hire. If the cost of the project is more than 500 dollars and includes a variety of professional work, such as electrical, mechanical and etc., you should look for a general contractor. Otherwise, you could opt for a handyman to do the job for you.

When searching for contractors, ask others!

Now that you have decided to work with a general contractor, the next step is to look for the best candidate for the job! Start by asking people. These could include the local furniture maker, hardware suppliers, construction professionals like architects and engineers or even your neighbors and relatives who have had their own good experiences. Ask them who they would recommend for your renovation project. In addition, inquire about the potential contractor’s work ethics, attitude, experience and other relevant information that you could obtain from these people.

Asking the right questions.

The next step is the interview. Keep in mind that you must gather as much information as you can and that you should feel comfortable with the contractor you’re considering for hire. Trust your gut feeling and don’t feel the need to settle immediately on one particular contractor. Also be sure to take some time to reflect on the answers you've obtained during your contractors interview.

Don’t settle for a couple of bids, go for more!

You have the freedom to invite contractors to bid for your project. Since you’re supposed to choose the best contractor for your project, don’t just settle for a couple of bids. Four or five bid proposals should give you enough options to choose from.

Protect yourself from disputes and scams.

Many homeowners and construction clients have had bad experiences in construction projects. Some of these people experienced scams and in some cases lost properties and huge amounts of money. Don’t let this happen to you. Remember that it’s very important to communicate what you want and what you’re expecting from your contractor as your contractor should communicate the same with you. Miscommunication often leads to disputes and complaints. Also, always remember to keep copies of your documents and never sign papers that you haven’t read thoroughly.

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