Helpful Calculators to Manage Your Home and Property

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Agriculture & Horticulture


  • Garden Mulch Calculator — Gardeners can figure out the amount of mulch they need for their garden here.
  • Number of Plants Calculator — This page allows users to figure out the maximum number of plants that they can put in their garden given a rectangular or triangular grid.


Fertilizer & Spreaders

Pesticides/Herbicides & Sprayers

  • Tank Mix Calculator — Here is a tool for calculating herbicide applications.
  • Turf Spray Calculator — This calculator enables users to calculate the amount of liquid pesticide needed for a given area.

Automobile, Truck & Motorcycle

New & Used Car Pricing

  • Auto Loan Calculator — Using this calculator, it is possible to compare auto loan types and determine pricing and monthly payments.
  • Kelley Blue Book Calculator — Click through the links on this page to determine what the real price should be for a new or used car.

Measurement & Torque

Car Payment

Car Depreciation

Automotive Design & Development


Fuel: Costs & MPG

Lease, Loans, Finance & Taxes

Tax Calculator

  • Federal Tax Estimator — Estimate tax liability or refund with this useful calculator.
  • Withholding Calculator — The IRS provides this calculator to help users figure out how much tax should be withheld from their income each payday.

Loan Interest

  • AIER Loan Calculator — The American Institute for Economic Research provides this calculator to help users figure out monthly payments and total cost of a loan.
  • Loan Interest Calculator — Here is a tool that estimates monthly payments, total interest, and provides different payment plans for any loan.

Finance Rate

  • APR Calculator — This annual percentage rate calculator figures the true annual cost of a loan.
  • Auto Loan APR Calculator — Even though this calculator is called an auto loan apr calculator, the apr for any loan can be found by using it.


  • Mortgage APR — Users can figure the true annual percentage rate on their mortgage with this calculator.
  • Refinance Calculator — This tool shows mortgage holders whether or not a refinance of their loan is worth it.


  • Retirement Pensions Planner — Determine how much a person needs to save for retirement with this calculator.
  • Retirement Planner — Here is a calculator that shows users if they are on track to meet their retirement goals.

Salary/Hourly Wage & Timesheets

Social Security

Trust Funds

Clocks & Sundials

Clocks/Watches/Time Sundials

Solar Energy

  • Solar Calculator — Estimate the needed size of a home solar energy system using this site.
  • Solar Energy Calculator — This calculator will help homeowners figure out the amount of solar energy they can generate.

Wind Energy

  • Solar and Wind Energy — Fill out this several page calculator to estimate how much one can save by using wind or solar power.
  • Wind Turbine Power System — Here users can estimate how big of a wind turbine is needed to help power a home.

Cooking & Nutrition

Conversion Sizes

Calories in Food

  • Calorie Calculator — The Mayo Clinic provides this tool to measure how many calories are needed to maintain one’s current weight.
  • Food Calorie Calculator — WebMD allows users to find out the amount of calories in many different foods on this page.

Basic Math Calculators

Basic Math

  • Basic Math Calculator — Add, subtract, multiply, and divide with this simple calculator.
  • Scientific Calculator — This scientific calculator allows users to perform some more complex mathematical functions online.

Adding Machines

Paper Tape Calculators


Unit Conversion (Time, Distance, Length, Speed, Weight, Etc.)


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