Natural Resources Management for Kids

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Natural resources are sources of life, materials, or energy that we are able to get naturally from the earth such as fossil fuels, wind energy, rocks, trees, or a source of power like solar energy. There are two main types of natural resources: renewable and non-renewable. Renewable resources can be used endlessly and do not have a reserve of supply, such as air, wind, or sunlight. Non-renewable energy resources will eventually run out of supply, such as gasoline or even batteries used to power cars.

Humans use up a lot of energy to power things like lights, appliances, vehicles, computers, and other every day necessities. We can work hard to preserve these energy resources by coming up with ways to better conserve our energy, recycle it, or just develop new sources of energy such as solar that will never run out. Total U.S. energy consumption of coal and oil has almost doubled since the 1970s (even higher in certain cities like Phoenix) and it is expected to be in higher demand by the year 2030, reaching a record high level to 50 percent more than humans use today. By doing small things like turning the water off when brushing your teeth or recycling, we can help preserve the environment and keep the resources we have for generations to come.


  • Air Quality Index for Kids – Learn more about how to measure and observe air quality.
  • All About Air – Find out why we need air, why it gets dirty, and what we can do to help keep it clean.
  • Air Pollution – Discover what air pollution is and how kids and adults can help prevent it from happening.
  • The Clean Air Promise – This organization is dedicated to making sure children have clean air to use and breathe.
  • Indoor Air Pollution Solutions – An informative lesson plan that explains indoor air pollution and what can be done to prevent it.

Fossil Fuels

  • Fossil Fuels Eco-Stat – An interactive site to help kids learn about coal, fuel, oil, and natural gas.
  • Energy Kids: Coal – Learn more about coal, one of earth’s most valuable fossil fuel resources.
  • Electricity and Fossil Fuels – Kids can discover more about energy, and how fossil fuels help with providing electricity. It also discusses some of the environmental problems with fossil fuels.
  • Fossil Power – Here, kids will learn more about fossil fuels and how they power our world.
  • Carbon Kids – What are fossil fuels and where do they come from? Check it out at this helpful site.



  • Mineralogy 4 Kids – An entire site dedicated to rocks and minerals and geared towards kids.
  • Rocks for Kids – Pictures of different rocks and minerals as well as a wealth of educational material all about rocks and minerals for kids is here.
  • Minerals by Name – This comprehensive online dictionary lists minerals by their scientific name, and links them to pictures and more information.
  • Mineral Matters – Find out how to grow your own crystals and more at Mineral Matters.
  • Minerals in the United States – Use this map to learn more about where different minerals are found in the US.


  • All About Soil – What is soil, soil related games, and much more can be found here.
  • Soil Science Education – Just about everything you need to know about soil is available at this educational website.
  • Ask the Answer Worm – The Answer Worm is here to help kids learn more about our soil.
  • Rock Sediments & Soil Facts – Check out how dinosaurs made an impact on our rocks and soil.
  • Dirt or Soil? – What are the different classifications and types of dirt and soil? Discover more at this site.


  • Let’s Learn about Water – Discover how you and your family can conserve water at home.
  • Water Pollution Guide – Explore what water pollution is, how it is treated, and how to prevent it.
  • Water, Water Everywhere – Look at how water affects us and what the different water cycles are.
  • Earth’s Water – Several topics about the earth’s water, water cycles, flooding, and much more.
  • The Water Cycle – Learn all about the cycle that water takes from the oceans to the clouds and back down again.


Renewable Energy

  • Kids Saving Energy – Here is some information about how kids can help to conserve energy.
  • Renewable Energy – The basics for kids about renewable energy and what it means to everyone.
  • Renewable & Non-Renewable Energy – Check out what kids needs to know about valuable energy sources.
  • Solar Power – Lesson plans for kids all about solar power and energy.
  • Wind Energy – Check out wind energy and its history, how it is used, and what it can do to help the environment.

Additional Resources

  • Can We Use Natural Resources Forever? – Will natural resources be around forever? Find out here.
  • Just For Kids – Dedicated to educating children about energy and energy conservation.
  • Brain Pop – Amazing games, interactive pages, and educational resources all about recycling, being green, global warming, and more.
  • Types of Natural Resources – Learn more about the different types of natural resources we share.
  • The Green Squad – Discover how kids can help contribute to having greener schools.
  • EEK – Learn more about what you can do at Environmental Education for Kids.
  • Kids and the Environment – Find out what kids can do as well as their schools and parents to help preserve our environment.
  • Zoom – Activities and information for kids to help them be better stewards for the environment.
  • NIEHS Kids’ Pages – Stories, coloring pages, and much more for kids and the earth.
  • Kids for Saving Earth – Whether it’s land, air, water, or creatures, kids can help to save our world from pollution.
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