Deck Realty LLC We specialize in mobile home parks and other multifamily units. Offering your tenants the convenience of online payments, online maintenance requests, and personal service that improves retention rates. You enjoy remote access so you can monitor progress on your properties in real time.
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Company Description

It is our desire as professional property managers to make your investment as profitable as possible and to protect your pride of ownership. We charge a small percentage of rental income for our services so you don't have to pay any money out of pocket. Our smiles are always free. Here are some of the services we offer:

  • Tenant Marketing- Your listing will go out to over 120 sites like Zillow, Trullia and others.
  • Tenant Screening- We cover credit scores, criminal history, and eviction history. There is no cost to you for this service since the applicant pays all fees. 
  • Maintenance- You get to choose a maintenance company you trust or let us. 
  • Inspections- Regular inspections with a reputable company will keep maintenance costs down and ensure your property is being well taken care of.
  • Accounting- We handle all of the bookkeeping. Your job will be to collect the money that is automatically deposited into your account each month. At the end of year you will receive a statement for your taxes. 
  • Tenenat liability insurance- Got it covered. Each tenant pays for their own insurance, insuring you against tenant damage.
  • Eviction Services- No worries! We will take care of any evictions that need to be proccessed at no additional cost to you.

It is our policy to treat every tenant and owner with respect and honor while protecting your investment. We would consider it an honor to be given the opportunity to discuss our services in detail with you and show you how your property will be managed by Deck Realty.

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