Lake Property Management

Posted by Jordan Muela in Common Names of Property Management Companies

Lake Property Management - This name is used widely by companies all over the nation. The name suggests that the company has a niche associated with a serving a certain geography within their city. The name may be more widely used by those companies serving residential rather that commercial properties and property owners. This would include  single family homes and condos, apartments, home/condominium owners association or vacation homes.

The name itself may imply homes in close proximity to a lake community which also indicates an increased likelihood of vacation properties which require a unique set of management services that would include things like regular inspections, cleaning services, on-site maintenance, and on-site concierge services.

Vacation rental management companies typically charge a higher management fee (around 25%) because the higher guest turnover means more revenue and more work.

Keep reading to find out about the benefits of hiring a property manager as well as what to look for in a property management company.

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