Premier Property Management

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Premier Property Management - This common company name is used by multiple property management firms. The name carries positive associations of superior services and customer care. That said its only a name and each of the companies that uses it are likely to be quite different.

Some of them may focus on managing apartments and condos while other may manage home owners associations exclusively.

The first thing to find out is what kind of properties the management firm specializes in. While they may oversee everything from town homes to retail space, they will likely have one (at most two) type of property that is their specialty. The reason to find out is that you are likely to have a better experience working with a management firm that specializes in your property type rather than being willing to take it on without having extensive experience managing that type of property.

You will also want to find out what kinds of services they offer and what the fees are. Some firms provide will only offer full service management (tenant screening, maintenance, rent collection, etc.) while others may allow for a la carte services where you pay for something like evictions, repairs, or a rent survey on a stand alone basis.

Keep reading to get a complete list of questions to ask when hiring a property management company.

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