Pacific Property Management

Posted by Jordan Muela in Common Names of Property Management Companies

Pacific Property Management - This common company name is used by a number of property management firms. The name is oriented toward the coast and is popular amongst companies on the western seaboard. That said its merely a title & each organization that uses it will likely be quite different.

Some of those companies may focus on managing single family homes or townhouses while other may manage community associations exclusively.

Its important to understand what property type each firm specializes in. Even if their management portfolio contains everything from condos to office complexes, they will probably have one (at most two) types of real estate that is their core competency. You want to know this because you're likely to have a better experience working with a firm that specializes in managing the types of properties you own.

You will also want to find out what kinds of services they provide & what they charge in management fees. One firm might only offer full service management (screening, repairs, rent collection, etc.) while others might allow you to just pay for one or two services like a rental rate survey or eviction.

Keep reading to get a more complete list of questions to ask when hiring a property manager.

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