Lincoln Property Management

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Lincoln Property Management - This is a common name used by multiple property management companies throughout the nation. These companies typically either focus on residential or commercial properties and offer services like advertising vacancies, reviewing tenant applications and selecting the best tenants, accounting services, managing an in house repair crew or overseeing contractors, etc.

Would you like to know what  to look for in a property management company? We've created a guide that shows you exactly what questions to ask about every aspect of the management relationship including management fees and the property management contract.

Residential and Commercial properties have differing needs & while most management firms provide similar services (rent surveys,  marketing, showings, screening, collecting rent, inspections, repairs, etc.) the quality differs widely from company to company. Regardless of whether you own single or multi family properties its extremely important that you get bids from and talk to more than one manager before you decide who to hire.

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