Elite Property Management

Posted by Jordan Muela in Common Names of Property Management Companies

Elite Property Management - Evoking the idea of a top tier firm, this name is used by several firms throughout the nation. The common denominator between these firms is only their desire for elite branding, not necessarily property types served or service level offered.  The phrase "Elite Property Management" may appear either in the company name or in a by line.

Find out what services the companies you are talking to offer and if they service the kinds of properties you currently own or may be interested in purchasing and have managed in the future. Buy and hold real estate investors have many options to choose from including individual homes, or multi-family (apartments, duplexes, etc.), retail/office space, and many other options. A property management firm that also assists buyers and sellers will be well positioned to provide counsel on the investment process.

Regardless of what kind of properties you own or are seeking to invest in, make sure that you do your homework before handing over the keys to a property manager. It is an important relationship that will significantly impact the performance of your investment and its worth seeking multiple bids before you make a decision.

Find out what to look for in a property manger in our property management hiring guide.

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