Real Property Management Midwest Real Property Management Midwest (RPM) Is the #1 leasing and professional property management company in the region, with offices in Cincinnati/N. Kentucky, Columbus, Dayton Ohio and Louisville Kentucky.
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Real Property Management (RPM) is the #1 leasing and property management company in Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky.

   I know you have many options for managing your property, Here's some information to help you understand how easy, and surprisingly affordable it is to own property and have it managed professionally through my company! 

  1. Simple pricing, generally JUST $79 a month. 
  2. We lease your property quickly, with an average of 29.6 days on market, with guaranteed results.
  3. We conduct a very thorough credit/criminal background check on all potential tenants, with you making a final decision.
  4. We eliminate the stress, we're the one dealing with the enforcement, collections or evictions even though they are rare. 
  5. We collect the rent and disperse it to you quickly via direct deposit - the same month as collected.
  6. We respond promptly when maintenance is required—you never have to take tenant calls again.
  7. We inspect your home regularly. We're proactive, not just reactive.
  8. Save money!! Why pay an overpriced plumber $300 to fix a faucet? Real Property Management uses licensed, in house tradesmen when needed.
  9. Real Property Management is a licensed real estate broker, and employs Licensed Realtors. We know the laws. We will keep you out of trouble.
  10. We make tax time easy, we send you a simple report at the end of year to do it yourself, or give to your accountant.
  11. Never any Signup Fees!
BEST FEATURES - Advanced Features
  • We offer FREE evictions
  • We Offer Guaranteed results for tenant placement.
  • Also Offering a Guarantee that if your tenant doesn't pay rent, WE PAY IT!


I am very satisfied with RPM.... I have access to all my statements online and I receive a monthly email reminder when a new one is generated. Rent is also deposited into my account through EFT. Best of all, I have a predictable monthly cash flow and fixed management cost (no more monthly surprises). Robert A. - Columbus, Oh

Many thanks for taking over my portfolio and cleaning up my delinquent accounts. You have provided much needed cash flow and more importantly the time to find new deals. We would reccomend you to our investment group. Mark - Dallas, TX

I want to thank you for always keeping us informed on things like this. We have been so please with your company and the way you take care of business. Barbara S.

Thank you (and Kacey) for your efforts! We very definitely did the right thing by reaching out to a professional property management company and absolutely selected the right company, Real Property Management. We highly, highly recommend RPM! K. Schneider - Columbus, Oh

RPM has managed my 11 houses since March of 08. They don't charge a leasing fee which has saved me thousands of dollars over the last year or so. I know exactly what to expect every month because they let me know if there are any large expenses before I get sent my money, and when I have questions they actually answer the phone and answer them for me. They pay all my bills (the ones the tenants don't pay). I'd highly recommend them to anyone who wants to be an investor, not a landlord. Michelle W. - Newport, KY

I was tired of renting and managing three properties myself so I decided to use Real Property Management. They take the little problems you have off your hands. I have been using them since February of 2008. So far, everything has been good. There have been no problems. Clay Morton - Cincinnati, OH

Real Property Management is extremely reliable. When I email or call them, they get back to me the same day. I have had no problems with them collecting rent and giving me my share. If I had more than one property, I would absolutely use them to rent and manage that one, too. Jim Garrison - Ft. Thomas, KY

Having worked with other property managers I can easily say RPM is the best property management company around Cincinnati. While I'm not sure any property manager will ever meet the expectations of its owners, RPM comes pretty close. The prices are fair, services is better than anyone else, and most importantly, you can trust them. I would highly recommend RPM. Mark T. - Cincinnati, OH

Quick Facts

  • In business under this name: 17 years
  • Company size: 20 to 50 employees (full time)
  • We manage the following property types:
    • Single Home or Condo (valued under $250k)
    • Single Home or Condo ($250 to $500k)
    • Single Home or Condo ($500k to $1 Mil.)
  • We manage properties in: