Northwest Lodgings Northwest Lodgings is a vacation rental/property management company based in Lincoln City, OR with focus on providing unmatched vacation experiences for our guests, trust, comfort and revenue for our owners and community services for our youth, and the preservation of our beautiful Pacific Northwest
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Company Description

Northwest Lodgings is available 24/7 year round for owner convenience and customer inquiries or reservations. Being available 24/7 ensures that no matter the owner or customer schedule or busy day, we are always available to assist you. You’ll never have to worry about lack of communication on any end. Email, phone, and texts are always available.

In addition to having open communication lines, we are also available 24/7 for on location requests and emergencies. We hold each one of our homes to the highest of standards and are fully dedicated to the complete and proper operation of each property. 

Our house keepers are the best in the industry and follow strict and checklists before the house can be considered ‘Guest ready.’ Our cleaners are efficient and very detail oriented and are even available for mid-stay cleans if the guest so chooses, one amenity others don’t offer (along with fully stocked fridge, mid-stay laundry service, and accessory rentals.)

The communication we have between our team also is very crucial in daily operation. Our house keepers update team leaders and maintenance associates to cover 100% of the property and ensure guest satisfaction and comfort for each visit. Guests always receive clean homes, warm welcomes and gift baskets to show application for their stay.

Our Owner agreements are easily the most flexible in the area. Allowing flexibility in commission, contract lengths, responsibility assignment, and three options to select from when choosing your operation involvement. Long gone are the days of all or nothing property management. Your options are below.

  • Owner edits VRBO (or other listing site) account so reservations and all other responsibilities are received by NW Lodgings, while the owner still maintains the control of their VRBO account. With this method you won’t get inquiry or emergency calls from renters at inconvenient times, such as during dinner or in the middle of the night
  • A la carte services where the owner only pays for the services they want. Obviously, cost and services will vary depending on exactly what your needs are. For example, the owner handles their own marketing and bookings, and the property manager handles cleaning, maintenance, and keys and charges a flat fee for each. If you've had difficulty finding a housekeeper you like in the past, this could potentially be a good solution. 
  • Full service option, charging a discounted commission for bookings generated by owner. This might work well for you if you do not have as much time to devote to renting your property as you would like, but still want to play an active role in the bookings.

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