Kelli Debbs Realty We guarantee exemplary customer service by going above and beyond. Comprehensive services in sales, management, and leasing from accounting to marketing. With managers from the largest property management firms in the nation, we have learned from the best and guarantee to do things right!
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Company Description

We understand how valuable a reliable landlord/tenant relationship can be. Our management team has over 10 years experience managing a diverse portfolio of assets for some of the largest property management companies in the country and has had consistently high success rates in renewals, occupancy levels, and minimizing delinquency. They have managed over 2000 multi-family units from boutique, luxury buildings, to large-scale properties. They have also managed over 6200 single-family homes throughout LA and the Inland Empire. 

Tenant Screening
Rent Collection
Comparative Market Analysis
Posting Notices
Deposit Accounting
Customer Relationship Management

***"During my time working for Kelli, I had the opportunity to learn about Kelli’s values, principals and commitment to supporting the needs of owners. She is a person of immense integrity, conviction, and character who knows how to use these qualities to get the most out of her direct reports. One thing that comes to mind about Kelli’s skill set is her conviction to getting the job done. She routinely came up with innovative ways to rent challenging properties while providing the most ROI. Kelli has earned a great deal of respect from everyone she has interacted with over the last couple of years and is a great leader."~Ed Lane-Tricon American Homes

***"I had a unique situation in which I needed to rent out my home in the San Fernando Valley but was already working/living in Orange County. Given the requirements of my job, I was unable to hire and oversee the necessary arrangements to get my house ready for rental and didn't really have anyone available to help me. I was starting to suffer financially due to having to basically pay for 2 residences. 

Thank goodness Kelli came to my rescue! Given her experience and resources, she was able to move quickly and worked with me (above and beyond what I expected) to get my house ready, including finding vendors who did good work and were reasonably priced.  She was able to get my house on the market and rented out very fast! I am very grateful for her help and plan to recommend her to others. She is fantastic!~Cha Cha

Quick Facts

  • In business under this name: 6 years
  • Company size: 1 to 5 employees (full time)
  • We manage the following property types:
    • Single Home or Condo ($250 to $500k)
    • Single Home or Condo ($500k to $1 Mil.)
    • Single Home or Condo (Over $1 Mil.)
    • Multi-Family (2-4 units)
    • Multi-Family (5-19 units)
    • Vacation (1 unit)
    • Vacation (2-4 units)
  • We manage properties in: