Trimark Corporation As a trusted property management firm, Trimark leads our owner-clients in the stewardship of their real estate assets by applying our industry knowledge and professional insight to deliver a superior management experience.
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Company Description

Trimark Corporation provides property management services. Our property management professionals are knowledge experts. Their knowledge is a combination of extensive training, ongoing continuing education, mentoring by industry veterans, and hands-on experience.

Trimark provides superior property management services for a wide variety of commercial fee simple, commercial condominium, residential condominium and mix-use real estate properties in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C.

Trimark takes a holistic approach to managing and maintaining real estate assets because the broad and deep experience of our professionals gives us that capability. We first understand our client’s unique ownership objectives, philosophy, capital and financing capabilities, and expected holding period. We then call upon our knowledge and experience to tailor our management approach and strategies to meet those objectives.

At Trimark, we are lifelong learners. Commercial real estate’s body of knowledge is extensive and dynamic, which necessitates that we continuously stay abreast of best practices, changing laws, new technologies, and more advanced methods.

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