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Cervelli Property Management Everything we do is focused on the ultimate goal of maximizing your cash flow and increasing the net value of their investments. From marketing to accounting to maintenance issues, we will develop a customized business plan for your property. We can save you TIME and MONEY!
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Company Description

We understand that unit owners and residents make a substantial investment in their property and place high value on both the physical condition of the community and its financial well-being. To complete these objectives, Cervelli Management Corp. takes a proactive role and provides guidance to help maintain the high standards expected of the community. In essence, we act more as a long-term owner than as a temporary caretaker.

We can capitalize on the natural economies of scale that our business provides and use our buying power to run the association's business efficiently and profitably. Of equal importance is the ability to interface with the owners to provide a total customer focused experience for each owner. The product is cost effective service. The customer is the unit owner.

A partial list of our services

Customized programs for each client that provides the level of service that best suits that community. You don't have to 'fit into our box.' We can provide any combination of the following services:

Customer Service:

  • Field calls and inquires from Association members
  • Telephones are answered 24 hours a day / 365 days a year
  • Dispatching appropriate service vendor for call, when required
  • Follow up call to member with status/update
  • Property inspection to ensure compliance with documents
  • Warning letters to resolve infractions of covenants
  • Periodic reports to Board of all calls and letters
  • Owner relations, including service request management and complaint service management.

Administrative services:

  • Attendance at board meetings as required
  • Preparation for all materials for annual meeting of membership
  • Working with association's professionals as needed (legal counsel, CPA,Consulting Engineer & Insurance Agent)
  • Association correspondence.
  • Maintaining government required documentation.
  • Review of reserves and reserve studies.
  • Recruitment and hiring of Association staff
  • Insurance management, including policy review, negotiation and procurement, premium payment and claims management.
  • Inventory maintenance
  • Implement a purchase order procedure and spending limit with on-site staff
  • Enter into contracts for essential services to the property, such as snow removal extermination, utilities, etc
  • Report any violations found by government agencies to the owners;
  • Maintain a comprehensive system of records, books and accounts;
  • Creating New Ownership Records
  • Supplying all necessary office services to support your Association
  • Collection Letters
  • Initiation of the Lien Process

Accounting services:

  • Maintaining Association financial records
  • Collection of fees
  • Billing of maintenance fees
  • Monthly financial statements to Board
  • Statements to members & past due collection letters
  • Periodic review of reserve study
  • Receipt of invoices from vendors
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Preparation of materials necessary for annual audit
  • Daily bank deposits into a separate operating account for each property;
  • Pay all bills related to the operation of the site

Vendor relations:

  • Preparation of bid specifications to be sent to multiple vendors when various services are needed (Insurance, Construction, Professional services, etc)
  • Analysis of proposals for Board review (prices versus services provided)
  • Presentation to Board in simple, easy to understand format
  • Review of all contracts before presentation to Board
  • Ongoing review of contractor' performance
  • Ensure that all contractors maintain a valid certificate of insurance on file with our office
  • Addressing any Resident/Board, concerns with vendors
  • Contractor liaison, including bid process and analysis, service negotiation, project monitoring, and inspection.

Quick Facts

  • In business under this name: 41 years
  • Company size: 10 to 20 employees (full time)
  • We manage the following property types:
    • Multi-Family (20-99 units)
    • Multi-Family (over 100 units)
    • Office (10,000 - 125,000 sqft)
    • Office (over 125,000 sqft)
    • Retail (10,000 - 125,000 sqft)
    • Retail (over 125,000 sqft)
    • Warehouse or Distribution (under 125,000 sqft)
    • Warehouse or Distribution (over 125,000 sqft)
    • Manufacturing (under 125,000 sqft)
    • Manufacturing (over 125,000 sqft)
    • Parking Garage ()
  • We manage properties in: