PMI Pro Consultants Everything we do is focused on helping maximize your investment. We manage your properties the way you want them managed. With our cutting edge systems built around your needs, your properties will be the best maintained, highest earning and most desired properties in the area.
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Exceptional Professional Services With A Proactive Approach For The Future Of  Your Community

Financial Transparency

PMI utilizes a transparent monthly reporting cycle that is prepared and presented to board members at each board meeting. These reports are easily customizable and readily available to all board members. Board members are truly in charge of HOA finances.

Communication Tools

Each community receives a customized website to keep track of events, important community documents, and provide a means to establish effective communication. This is a patented product designed by PMI. Community Action Items allow homeowners to communicate with the board members and PMI in a private forum, creating a structure that promotes objective reporting of response times and work implementation.

Legal Relationships and Training

Some of the most expensive and troubling challenges associations can face are collections matters, covenant violations, and other legal issues. PMI has an in-house attorney that trains and advises our staff. In addition, we have strong relationships with all prominent HOA law firms and attorneys. We also offer quarterly training for board members to promote education and awareness of HOA law and practices.

The bottom line is that PMI will help your HOA navigate through any obstacle and maintain its financial stability by reducing expenses and planning for the future.

Quick Facts

  • In business under this name: 8 years
  • Company size: 6 to 10 employees (full time)
  • We manage the following property types:
    • Single Home or Condo (valued under $250k)
    • Single Home or Condo ($250 to $500k)
    • Single Home or Condo ($500k to $1 Mil.)
    • Homeowners Association (2-49 units)
    • Homeowners Association (50-99 units)
  • We manage properties in: