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New Direction for ManageMyProperty

by Jordan Muela September 9, 2014

Six years ago we launched Since then we’ve sent out +100,000 leads to thousands of management companies. Thanks for being a part of that After the first few years we started to notice a couple of clear patterns: 1) Unstructured Sales Process - Most of our clients’ sales process was driven by a combination of gut instinct [...]

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New Study on Residential Real Estate Investors from

by Jordan Muela September 25, 2012 just released a fascinating study on the nations residential real estate investors. The report shows solid activity and outlook amongst RE investors, here are a few highlights. The survey found that 39 percent of active investors intend to increase their purchases over the next twelve months while 26 percent plan to buy as many [...]

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Infographic: DIY vs. Professional Property Management

by Jordan Muela September 13, 2012

All Property Management just released a great infographic on the difference between managing your property yourself versus hiring a professional property manager. Click here to enlarge Created by

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New Rent Proration Tool From

by Jordan Muela August 17, 2010

Dave Borden recently mentioned a new tool designed to help prorate rent that is being offered on I checked it out and it’s definitely the beefiest tool out there with lots of documentation to explain how to use it. The tool works great but it’s also really nice they explain how to use it [...]

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Why Tenants Love to Hate Their Property Management Company

by Jordan Muela May 19, 2010

This is a follow up to our survey of almost 3,000 reviews of property management companies on Yelp and Yahoo Local. Why is it that management companies seem to get such a bad rap in online reviews? It would be easy to dismiss these review sites as being platforms for libel by disgruntled people with [...]

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Top Complaints & Praises in Online Reviews of Property Managers

by Jordan Muela May 17, 2010

*The above word clouds are comprised of actual words and phrases from the 3,000 reviews we surveyed. In my last article we covered some of the results from our survey of almost 3,000 reviews of property management companies on Yelp and Yahoo Local (read it first). We found that while there was a mix of [...]

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Surveying 3,000 Property Management Reviews

by Jordan Muela May 6, 2010

Over the last five years customer rating and reviews sites have exploded onto the scene as a major force in the buying and decision making process for consumers. From sites built around reviews like Yelp, to internet yellow pages (IYP’s) which have incorporated them as an important feature, online reviews abound and consumers are using [...]

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9 Things I’ve Learned About Business & Entrepreneurship

by Jordan Muela April 27, 2010

There are no facts inside the building. The only person who knows about your customer… is your customer. If you really want to know what they think then go talk to them and start asking broad questions about their needs, not if they like your product/service. Remember Parkinson’s Law: Work expands so as to fill [...]

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by Jordan Muela April 28, 2009 was launched to make it easier for property owners to find, review and select a property manager for their properties. Property owners want to be able to see more than an address and phone number when deciding who will manage their property or association. With, owners will be able to view detailed management [...]

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