May 2010

Top Rental Sites – Keyword Rankings Comparison

by Christopher Berkompas May 26, 2010

My last post compared the top rental sites in the U.S. based on their rankings in Google for competitive terms. But it left me with some questions. For example, does challenge for keywords like “apartments for rent”? So as a followup, I wanted to share some competitive keyword data that didn’t make it [...]

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Top Rental Sites SEO Rankings Report

by Christopher Berkompas May 21, 2010

Search engine optimization is one of the things we’re passionate about, and periodically we like to do a deep dive and get a handle on what is happening in related industries. Recently we ran across Andrew Shotlands’s post “IYP SEO Rankings Report 2009” ranking the different internet yellow pages sites by their share of competitive [...]

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Why Tenants Love to Hate Their Property Management Company

by Jordan Muela May 19, 2010

This is a follow up to our survey of almost 3,000 reviews of property management companies on Yelp and Yahoo Local. Why is it that management companies seem to get such a bad rap in online reviews? It would be easy to dismiss these review sites as being platforms for libel by disgruntled people with [...]

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Top Complaints & Praises in Online Reviews of Property Managers

by Jordan Muela May 17, 2010

*The above word clouds are comprised of actual words and phrases from the 3,000 reviews we surveyed. In my last article we covered some of the results from our survey of almost 3,000 reviews of property management companies on Yelp and Yahoo Local (read it first). We found that while there was a mix of [...]

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Surveying 3,000 Property Management Reviews

by Jordan Muela May 6, 2010

Over the last five years customer rating and reviews sites have exploded onto the scene as a major force in the buying and decision making process for consumers. From sites built around reviews like Yelp, to internet yellow pages (IYP’s) which have incorporated them as an important feature, online reviews abound and consumers are using [...]

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