William Hill Property Management & Leasing Our Fee Schedule Is Designed To Help You Make Money - Flat Fee! Stop Paying 6%, 7% mgt rates with mediocre/less than average service. Compare us to your current management company. We service single family homes, condos, & lofts as well as 2 to 20 unit properties at affordable flat fees.
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William Hill Property Management & Leasing memberships:

San Francisco Apartment Association - California Apartment Association - National Association of Realtors - California Association of Realtors - San Francisco Association - Lic# 01047402

We are the Property Management and leasing King of single unit properties!  No one works with as many loft, condo, and single family homes as we do.

Our Fees and Services

We have two plans to choose from:


Plan A: Full management services for single unit properties we charge $175/month flat rate.  60% of a full month rent to find and place tenants

Plan B: Tenant placement only - If you manage the property and we find the tenant then we only charge one half of the first months rent.


Plan C: Multi unit properties are $85/month flat fee each unit - Full Service.  We collect the rent, take care of maintenance issues, and pay your utility bills if you prefer.

Plan D: For Multiple Unit properties where we take care of maintenance issues only.  You collect the rents.  We provide the tenants our contact info.  For this service we charge $65/unit flat fee.

Full Management Services Program

Tenant Placement - We advertise your property for rent using the latest on-line techniques. This includes building a mini property website tailored to your property exclusively. This website will include the property description, features, numerous pictures, local area data, and our contact information. We will advertise your property website daily on over 30 different major real estate websites commonly used by people searching for properties to rent. The weekend edition of the Chronicle is often times used as well. We also hold the property open during the week as well as weekends unless you instruct us not to.

Tenant Screening - We provide a complete comprehensive screening process which includes:

  • Credit Report – Nation wide
  • Verification of present or previous Landlord
  • Criminal background check
  • Verification of employment
  • unlawful detainer search (eviction)

Accounting - An on time accounting system that offers precise monthly expenditures and/or year to date totals using the latest state of the art software programs. This should provide for easier income tax preparation.

Deposit and Rent Payments - Some property owners prefer to hold the tenant’s deposit in their own separate bank account. We can assist you in setting that up. We have found that tenants prefer that the Landlord hold the deposit as well.

With regards to the rent checks - we can collect the rent for you and mail you the check or directly deposit it into your account or we can direct the rent checks directly to you straight from the tenant. It what ever you are most comfortable with.

Tenant Management - We believe that establishing and maintaining a good working relationship with tenants is key to building and maximizing its full potential. It starts with communication. When left alone for long periods of time tenants tend to ignore the small maintenance issues that arise from time to time. We like to contact the tenants – with your permission – at least 2 times per year by letter, phone, or email and ask them about the electrical, plumbing, appliances, and anything else that might affect the value of your property. We then have them put it in writing. This, along with regular physical inspections are tantamount in lowering your costs and maintaining property value.

Landlord Communication - Communication is a top priority in our organization. We are responsive to email, office phone, and cell phone calls.
We take pride in our ability to be responsive to the landlord and the tenant. We also realize that everyone has certain “idiosyncrasies”. Some folks are more in the “need to know” mode than others and we are flexible in that area.

Rentals - We can also find tenants for you and then you manage the property yourself. One half of the first months rent is all that we charge for that service which includes all the screening. We provide for a quick as possible turn around time for vacancies. We over-see the tenant moving into the property and under the full service plan we over-see the move out with a check list. We have house cleaners and contractors to make needed repairs and or improvements.

Repairs - We have resources for plumbers, electricians, roofers, window repair people, and the basic handyman when you want them. With your permission we will authorize any repairs needed when the cost of that repair falls under $100 dollars.

Legal Resources - Unfortunately there are times when a tenant/landlord dispute arises or a tenant does not pay the rent. In those cases we can offer you a referral to short list of attorneys – some that we have had a long standing relationship with.

Tenants - The properties we manage are always kept up and well taken cared for. You will always be able to communicate your concerns to us in a timely fashion. You will also have the option of either making the rent payment via your computer on-line through a system we set up or by mail if you want. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Quick Facts

  • In business under this name: 11 years
  • Company size: 6 to 10 employees (full time)
  • We manage the following property types:
    • Single Home or Condo (valued under $250k)
    • Single Home or Condo ($250 to $500k)
    • Single Home or Condo ($500k to $1 Mil.)
    • Single Home or Condo (Over $1 Mil.)
    • Multi-Family (2-4 units)
    • Multi-Family (5-19 units)
    • Multi-Family (20-99 units)
  • We manage properties in: