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Triad Management & Realty, powered by VRG Our Property Management Service is the most effective, profitable, and safest way to rent your property without the traditional risks associated with managing a typical rental yourself. For over 25+ years bringing professional residential property management services to the Triad.
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The Property Management Advantage!

Property Management PLUS

The most effective and safest way to lease your property as a straight rental, and without the risks associated with doing it yourself. The PLUS is something only we offer.  We pay for most all repairs, No fee evictions if needed, and with our continued management, prepare the property for the next tenant at no cost to you.  Receive rents faster directly from the tenant with our direct deposit service.

Onetime start-up fee paid by owner equal to 75% of the first month’s rent; then a monthly fee of 15% from the total monthly rent proceeds.  $150. minimum.
– No other miscellaneous fees.

Discount Property Management

The most economical and safest way to lease your property as a straight rental, and without the traditional risks associated with being a Landlord. The Discount is in the cost of property management while maintaining our reputable service.

Onetime Start-up Fee paid by owner equal to 50% of the first month’s rent; then a Discounted Monthly Fee of 10% from the total monthly rent proceeds.  $100. minimum.  From the Start-up Fee, a $250. balance is held to pay expenses associated with the management and operation of the property. 
-No other miscellaneous extra fees.

Marketing & Tenant Screening

Some owners like more of a hands on approach, I supply all the marketing and cost to obtain a quality tenant, handle all the paper work and contracts, then we place a tenant that you approve into your property. You now manage your property during the lease term.

Onetime fee paid by owner equal to 100% of the first month’s rent.
– No other miscellaneous extra fees.

What Our Property Management Looks Like

You’re In-the-Know

Our property management makes sure property owners are in constant communication — especially about the big things and milestone events. While we don’t overload you with updates, we don’t hesitate to offer reports, documentation, and property status updates.  We are organized and never try to hide things from you; We're proud of the work we do and have a genuine interest in providing quality services.  That does not mean things will always go smoothly. There can and will be hiccups, but a simple peace-of-mind communication goes a long way, and as the best of the best we make this a standard operating procedure.

You Never Have to Ask Where Rent Is

We know how to track down rent payments. We make expectations for payment clear and have the organization and prowess to ensure you get paid on time.  We have systems in place to operate on a daily basis all the way down to how a rent payment is processed and how quickly rent payments are sent to owners.  We give you clear and defined rules for when rent is collected, when it is late, how late payments are collected and ultimately how and when payments are sent to the property owner.

Your Tenants Feel Taken Care Of

We do more than just collect rent. We build a rapport with your tenants, ensuring that they feel welcome and valued. We listen carefully to complaints and maintenance requests and take appropriate action. Tenants won’t resent our management because we’re doing everything we can to ensure the tenant is taken care of. We know how to diffuse uncomfortable situations and resolve conflict, not escalate it.

You Rarely Encounter a Bad Tenant

We know that it’s worth the extra time and effort to really vet tenants. Because we screen well, you’re so much less likely to have to fool with the headache of property damages, broken lease agreements, criminal activity, and chronically late rent. So many problems are solved simply when the tenants you have are good ones. There is much more to a screening process than credit, criminal, bankruptcy and eviction checks. There are absolutely subtle nuances that we employ in the field.  A keen eye can spot issues that do not show up on background checks.  We also know how to properly comply with the laws to make sure we are not discriminating in any way.

Maintenance Issues Never Catch You by Surprise

Finding out you have to drop a couple of thousand dollars on a problem that could’ve been resolved for a fraction of the cost a few months ago isn’t fun, to put it lightly. We are on top of everything. We not only pay attention to maintenance requests, but are vigilant in detecting issues early.

You Really Can Be a Passive Rental Owner

The biggest advantage you have in hiring us as your property management?  You get to really be a passive rental owner.  We give you the security of knowing your property is in capable hands that will keep things running smoothly, leaving you room to focus on what you want to.

"Steve Atkinson has handled my property for me. I can honestly say I have never had any problems. Steve has taken care of my property as if it was his. I would have no problem with recommending Steve." ~Deanna

Please note that Triad Management & Realty, powered by VRG is not a property management firm and does NOT provide property management services.  Steve Atkinson as Broker is the acting Property Manager.

Quick Facts

  • In business under this name: 27 years
  • Company size: 1 to 5 employees (full time)
  • We manage the following property types:
    • Single Home or Condo (valued under $250k)
    • Single Home or Condo ($250 to $500k)
  • We manage properties in: