SB Residential SB Residential is a full service multifamily investment and management firm based in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. With SB Residential our clients are more than "just a fee". As owners and investors we've walked a mile in your shoes and approach management of each asset as if we were the owners.
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Company Description

Management Services

Marketing - Each asset is different so our approach is unique to the individual community. SBR monitors and tracks the effectiveness of each marketing source on a weekly basis in order to make proactive changes.

Operations - SBR operations are among the most streamlined and effective in the industry. Our policies and procedures are black and white and reduce gray areas that could be potential liabilities for owners.

Maintenance - SBR’s preventive maintenance program is electronically implemented, monitored, and verified so we know the work is completed.

People - SBR conducts a rigorous interview process with candidates for every position. Pre-employment testing and screening assures the highest quality industry professionals become part of our organization.

Education - SBR conducts initial education and on-going education for each staff member to ensure team members are knowledgeable on the latest industry standards and trends. Our system of operations results in the fast assimilation of new employees.

Management Fee - SBR’s management fee structure demonstrates a vested commitment to the total financial success of your asset.

Due Diligence and Acquisition Analysis - With 60 years combined experience encompassing operations, lending, asset management, and investments, SBR due diligence is among the most thorough in the industry.

Investments - SB Investors welcomes the opportunity to join in partnership with clients in the acquisition of new assets. Since 2007 Scott Brown Group has raised $20 million in capital and acquired $70 million in residential and commercial assets.

Why to work with SB Residential

As owners and investors SB Residential has walked a mile in your shoes and approaches your asset as if we were owners. We believe in building relationships and gaining the trust of our clients by conducting business with integrity. We visit with each client to ensure we fully understand the owner's goals and objectives for their asset. This enables us to prepare the appropriate Operating Plan to manage each asset specific to the owner's mission.

SB Residential has a unique management fee structure. We believe in a vested relationship and demonstrating our commitment to total performance by having our income impacted in the same manner your income is affected. The standard industry management fee is a percentage of Total Revenue regardless of the outcome of Operating Expenses and NOI. Our initial management fee is based on a percentage of Total Revenue, however, we reduce our fee by an agreed upon percentage in any month where budgeted NOI is not achieved. SB Residential creates a partnership with our clients that is win/win and our success is based on your asset's success.

SB Residential has created some of the most efficient operating procedures in the industry which allows us to monitor the total operation of your asset, from income and expenses, to maintaining the integrity of the physical asset.

We look forward to speaking with you and providing detailed information on what makes SB Residential a truly unique management firm.

Quick Facts

  • In business under this name: 8 years
  • Company size: 20 to 50 employees (full time)
  • We manage the following property types:
    • Multi-Family (over 100 units)
  • We manage properties in: