Marketplace Homes Marketplace Homes has a 17-day average fill time while providing you with FREE refills, FREE renewals, no up-front or hidden fees, a GUARANTEED tenant, and a FREE rental analysis. Call us today!
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Company Description

Marketplace Homes is the country's third largest and most established property management company. Our system of marketing results in a 17-day average time frame to secure you a well-screened, qualified rental tenant.

If you hire Marketplace Homes to manage your home or portfolio of properties, we will provide you with a Guaranteed Quality Tenant. If our tenant doesn’t complete the full lease term, we’ll refill your home for FREE!

Benefits you'll receive working with Marketplace Homes:

  • PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY - Marketplace Homes uses only professional photographers to take pictures using our Liquid Luminous Processing method to make your home pop online. This technique is proven to drive 78% more clicks to your home on the web and a good tenant faster.
  • VIRTUAL STAGING - Marketplace Homes can digitally add furniture and decorations to your photography at no cost to you. This is proven to help future tenants visualize the home fully furnished and drives clicks to your property.
  • WEB MARKETING - Your home will be pushed out to over 40 major real estate web portals including Zillow, Realtor, Trulia, and all local MLS's, ensuring that your home gets more attention.
  • IN-HOUSE CALL CENTER - When a tenant calls or emails about your home they are guaranteed to be contacted 4 times to set up a showing. All calls are recorded for quality assurance and all calls are conducted by our own office in the USA and not outsourced overseas, meaning our people know how to help your tenants.
  • ZIPTOURS TECHNOLOGY - We can show your home up to 20 times a day! ZipTours allows us to show your property when a tenant wants to see it! We verify the ID of the tenant, control your lock remotely and stream live to the tenant’s phone to move your home FAST! Nothing can get tenants into your home faster and NO COMPANY ON EARTH other than Marketplace Homes has it. We invested it.
  • ELECTRONIC DOCUMENTS - All lease documents are electronic for your ease to acknowledge.
  • SAFERENT SCREENING - All tenants receive a full background and credit check for your review at $0 cost to you, meaning that you have more money in your pocket and more assurance that we have a quality tenant.
  • ELECTRONIC DEBITS FROM TENANT - All of our financial transactions from the tenant and to you are through electronic ACH drafts, meaning that there is less room for error and less room for the “mailman to lose that rent check”.
  • "877-GET-FIX" FIXED OR FREE HOTLINE 24/7 - If we handle maintenance work on your home, it will be completed right the first time or it will be fixed for free. Our team of construction and property experts are on call for big and small projects, completing thousands of service calls each month so you don’t have to. Our SUPER SAM (Service Automation) system allows you to easily approve work on your phone or desktop computer.
  • 80 PERSON TEAM - This means that many people work on your home instead of one. You get experts to handle all aspects of your property and that gives you a better experience.
  • FREE REFILLS - If for some reason your qualified tenant doesn’t complete the full lease term, we are going to replace them for you at no cost!
  • FREE RENEWALS - If your tenant decides to renew for another year we will renew them for free!
  • NO UPFRONT FEES - Marketplace Homes only gets paid when you get paid.